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Translation agency Glagolia

Translation agency Glagolia

Translation agency “Glagolia” in Rostov-on-Don was established 17 years ago. Throughout the years of our work we have substantially expanded the scope of delivered services and have collected a precious experience in translational practice with the help of useful business relations.

All our translators possess the required education and a wide practical experience. We accomplish a high quality translation in more than 120 languages within a short time. We work with the frequently used languages- English, German, Spanish, Chinese, and with those seldom implemented- Hindi, Chechen, Ingush and others.

We deliver translation of medical, technical and legal documents, as well as the personal files of customers. The experts of translation agency “Glagolia” perform an independent assessment and examination.

We focus on localization of games, mobile applications and the software. A huge experience of our employees and the capacity to properly arrange their operational time enable us to deliver a fast translation of a premium quality. Besides, we regularly improve the systems of management of the ready projects and introduce the new systems. By making an order with our company you receive an accurate and skilful translation for better price in comparison to the competitors.

We are proud of our reputation and appreciate the acknowledgement of customers. Our ultimate goal is a high quality translation that supersedes your expectations! The employees work in a careful and confident manner in order to avoid mistakes and omissions.

The modern means of communications and technologies provide the possibility to deliver services all across the globe without compromising on quality.

“Glagolia” expands the horizon of your communications. Entrust the translation to us and see it by yourself!


Our contact information

You can contact us by an E-Mail glagolia@gmail.com or call by the phone +7 918 561 97 91 (WhatsApp). You can also leave a request on our website in order to define the cost of translation in advance.

We look forward to the mutually beneficial ongoing cooperation!

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